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My name is Christopher Cills. I am a speed and Strength and Conditioning coach in Essex County, NJ. Over the years I have worked with many clients from various backgrounds. From NFL players, college athletes, youth athletes, entrepreneurs, executives athletes, and mothers. 


My mission is to provide athletes with the best training, so they can sustain longevity and have attainable success throughout their careers. Today, sports have proven to provide youth athletes with many benefits. However, not every athlete meets the criteria that are needed to be rewarded by these high schools and colleges institution, it is my goal to provide a program that will get that athlete that attainable goal.


I understand the specified needs for an athlete to be the best in their sport and the enhancement of their capabilities. I develop personalized training programs that may enhance physical strength, explosive power, and optimize speed for an athlete. My approach combines sports performance science with personalized criteria, tailoring programs to individual needs, goals, and aspirations. I provide the resources of very experienced coaches who are my mentors, along with a local facility designed for athlete performance, and a track record of success of athletes across various disciplines (softball, baseball, football, track & field, and men's/women's basketball).

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