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Unlock Your Athletic Potential

What To Expect From Coach Chris Cills


Field sports are "chaotic" in comparison to track and field, which we know as human speed. Not every "speed trainer" can appropriately prescribe the proper programs that are needed for specific field sports. The technique and skill set that is needed are specific and vary for each individual. Yes, every sport, every position, and every game that is played requires a different biomechanical demand of that athlete. Track athletes like, Sha'Carri Richardson, run in a straight line without opposition in their way. Meanwhile, field sport athletes, like Lebron James, Max Crosby, Lionel Messi, and Saquon Barkley, must sprint, stop on a dime, sprint again, change direction, accelerate to avoid opposition, and jump (linear, multidirectional, and change direction). However, each of these athletes plays different sports, and the required demands vary. As a coach, it is my job to teach the techniques and prescribe a training program to unlock every athlete's full potential. 

How does it work?

  1. Create a profile - Every entering athlete is required to perform an assessment and evaluation. This will provide the foundation for designing the program. For more information click to sign up for an assessment,

  2. Program development - Every program is individualized based on the assessment, the number of days athletes can train, how many days until the season begins, and the demands that are required for the respective sports. 

  3. Let's to get work!  Once the program is ready, it is time to get to work.


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